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In such a close, competitive series, it is important for drivers to utilize every possible advantage. Being the first year entering a team into the series, AVR Motorsports is very excited and brings along lots of enthusiasm and high expectations to the Formula 1200 series. AVR will work tirelessly to give their drivers the best opportunity for winning.

Racing with AVR in the Formula 1200 series will give drivers the chance to race at three top Canadian race tracks including Mosport International Raceway, Calabogie Motorsports Park, and Shannonville Racetrack. AVR’s drivers will receive driver development tools including on board data acquisition analysis, and on board video reviewing. Another very unique service AVR can provide for their driver training program is an on track driver coach. If any driver chooses to drive in the Friday test day, they will have the chance to drive with experienced drivers, and teammates, Shane Viccary and Sam Ashtiani.

This will give new racers a chance to quickly become comfortable on the track, learn the racing line, and receive mid-session critiquing that is usually only available in professional racing. This will give AVR drivers a big advantage and a huge confidence level over the competition.AVR Motorsports will expertly maintain their cars to be the top performing and most reliable cars in the field. At the same time, AVR’s focus on professionalism and safety will give drivers the ultimate opportunity to progress to becoming a professional race car driver.

“My biggest gripe with the majority of drivers I have worked with is the lack of fundamental driving and setup skills they have when they get to Indy lights.

Some of the best prepared drivers have extensive experience in FV or FF when they started.

I can site many examples of FV drivers who pile into FC or faster cars and are competitive from the get go. It is their FV skills that allow them to make the transition to faster cars. If a driver drives any other car just as he does a FV, he will be plenty fast. FV drivers master momentum driving (maintaining the highest possible minimum speed) and this skill works well in any type of car.”


Steve Lathrop: Founder and designer of Citation; Race engineer in Indy Lights for Tony Rena, Dereck Higgens, Al Unser III, and Marco Andretti.

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