Our Services

AVR Motorsports offers a variety of services ranging from arrive and drive programs to engineering and design services. We offer top of the line engine rebuilds for the Formula 1200 series as well as driver coaching for all AVR Motorsports participants. In addition to all these services AVR Motorsports will also facilitate your corporate events at the race track!

Driver Coaching

One unique service that AVR Motorsports can offer is driver training to their own drivers, as well as to other drivers in other driving disciplines.  AVR will utilize many tools that most drivers would otherwise only be able to see at the professional level.

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What’s included:
  • On track driver training, practicing controlled scenarios such as passing and drafting with an experienced driver.
  • On board video cameras, and can be reviewed immediately after sessions.
  • Data acquisition systems which can be used to monitor car speed, engine RPM, shift changes, and engine temperature.
  • Radio communication with a team member pits side to relay information to and receive lap times.
  • Coming Soon! – Racing simulator to be used in between on track sessions to help the driver learn lines, braking points, etc.
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Engineering Services

AVR Motorsports offers cutting edge engine rebuild packages. These packages come in two distinct variations of engine rebuilds that AVR will offer.

Full Engine Refresh

Full engine refreshes include a complete tear-down and inspection of your engine. During this rigorous inspection process, any significantly worn components will be replaced. In addition, full refreshes come with the standard replacement of the following parts:

  • Replace Main Bearings
  • Replace Rod Bearings
  • Pushrod Housings
  • Cylinder Honing
  • Replace Piston Rings
  • All new gaskets (valve covers, head gaskets, fuel pump, oil pump etc.)

AVR Motorsports will complete a full refresh of your engine for $1500 + tax.

Top End Refresh

Top end refreshes consist of a tear down of just the top end of your engine. During the tear down all top end components will be inspected and replaced as necessary. Top end refresh’s also include all gasket replacement in addition to inspection and adjustment of rocker clearance. AVR will also inspect all head bolts and perform timing adjustments as necessary.

AVR Motorsports will complete a top end refresh of your engine for $400 + tax.

Corporate Events

AVR Motorsports will be offering corporate day events throughout the summer.  This will give the opportunity to businesses or groups to rent the Formula 1200 racing cars for a day, and drive them on a professional racing track: either Mosport Driver Development Track, or Shannonville Motorsports Park.  Many different features will be included in the event.
This is an excellent way for people to experience what it’s like to drive a real racing car.  For anyone interested in a group rate or a business rental, please contact us to discuss rates.  Dates are negotiable, as we will work to get a date which will best suit your needs.

What’s included:
  • Begin with a classroom racing session, where drivers will get a brief tutorial on things such as how to take the racing line, heel-toe shifting, braking points, etc.
  • Racing suits and helmets to be provided to the drivers.
  • On track tutorial, pacing the racing car behind an instructor’s car to learn the racing line.
  • Multiple on track sessions without a pacing car.
  • Full catering service including food and drinks.
  • Print outs of lap times and speeds from on-board telemetry systems.
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